We are taking a break from making skateboards to focus on other projects.Yoshiro makes beautiful furniture and is always hard at work in his Kijirushi factory and shop.Find James at One Tree Adademy, where he is planning new campfire talks, workshops and saunas.
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Being in & riding on nature.

OKA SKATEBOARDS is collaboration between James Gibson & Yoshiro Mizokami (Kijirushi).
In 2012 we started making skateboards because we wanted to ride them, it’s as simple as that. It began over a glass of beer and a conversation about Back To The Future. We asked the question: “Wouldn’t it be cool to make our own skateboards?”
So we did!
All the boards are made by us in Yoshiro’s factory set deep in the Shiga countryside. Many of then taking inspiration from classic surfboards and early skateboard designs; cut from wood picked for its colour and natural grain. We don’t use griptape, because it isn’t needed, we love to see and touch the wood. Why cover it? OKA isn’t about the latest trick or going fast. We believe in enjoying life and work, in the quality of simple materials and the feeling of motion, gravity and nature in perfect combination.


To those of you who bought, stocked and supported OKA SKATEBOARDS over the years, we say: Thank you, we appreciated all your help. Without you, we couldn’t have done it.
Sending out a special thanks to:Tracker Trucks, Seismic Skate, PaperSky, THE NORTH FACE globe walker, Tree People, COMMONO reProducts, BRIDGE, Klala, Urban Research DOORS, Kapuki, Japonica, GOCCO, Tab, Persica, Retro Colony, analog / tool, COMPASS, Dhal and The Conran Shop.
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